Using The Touch Up Shop products is safe and easy. However, if you’re new to spray painting, there are some things you need to know about safety. Please read the instructions below carefully before you begin your project.

General Safety Tips

Stay away from fire

Spray paint is highly inflammable, so make sure there’s no open flame or sparks near where you’ll be using the product. This includes lit cigarettes, pilot lights, heaters, stoves, electric tools and appliances, and anything else that may cause a spark.

Keep the product away from heat sources

Prolonged exposure to heat from stoves, radiators, hot water, or even direct sunlight can cause the product to burst. So make sure you store our products away from direct sunlight, and any other heat sources.

Stay out of the heat

For a perfect finish, avoid using our products in hot, humid weather. Either go indoors, or wait for better weather.

Spray in a well ventilated area

The vapors from spray paint can be harmful, so try and use the product outdoors on a breezy day. If you must use the product indoors, open doors and windows and keep a fan on while using the product, and while it dries. You can also consider wearing a painting mask, which you’ll find at most hardware stores.

Don’t puncture or burn the cans

Avoid puncturing or incinerating the can once empty. Also avoid discarding it in a trash compactor. However, you can and should recycle the can.

Avoid getting the product in contact with skin

Also make sure to keep the product out of your eyes. We recommend wearing safety glasses and gloves, and washing your hands after use. If you get the product in your eyes, contact a doctor immediately.

 Precautions for Painting Lighting or Electrical Fixtures

  • Do NOT paint wiring, light bulbs, or damaged cords with exposed wiring
  • Do NOT paint any parts that get excessively hot, unless you’re using a High Heat paint
  • Make sure you follow all safety precautions stated by the manufacturer
  • Ensure corded lamps are unplugged from their socket
  • If there are electric cords in the general area, inspect them for damage or exposed wiring that may come in contact with overspray

Precautions for Painting Objects in Contact with Open Flame

  • As stated previously, do NOT paint near an open flame
  • Do NOT paint anything that may come in contact with an open flame – especially on the inside
  • When using High Heat paint, make sure the expected heat is within the recommended temperature range of the product

If you still have questions, get in touch with us by calling at (702) 798-1189 or sending us an email at Please take safety seriously.