Find your exact Pontiac automotive paint match

In order to properly match your vehicle's paint color, we must have the manufacturer's color code associated with your paint color. CLICK HERE Here to find the sticker and code location of your Automobile. Please confirm your color code matches your color selection below.

    How to find the color code of your Pontiac

    Find your Pontiac Paint Code

    1. Check the bottom of the glove box ( under all your stuff )
    2. Check the drivers side door panel
    3. Open the trunk and check under the lid
    4. Check on and around the trunk itself

    The paint code can be found on the VIV tag and will be written as a four digit code that contains both numbers and letters and can either be preceded by an “WA” or a “U”

    Example 1: U 636R

    Please Note: When entering the code in our search omit The “U” or “WA”