3M Acrylic Glazing Putty - 14.5oz

Color: White
Sale price$22.95

3M Acrylic Glazing Putty - 14.5oz

3M Acryl-White Glazing Putty spreads easily and dries slowly to perfectly cover minor scratches and chips. It is quite common to see small scratches and scrapes on automobiles, and this superior quality acrylic putty is perfect for repairing any such minor imperfections. This 3M glazing putty is very easy to use; since it dries slowly, application on the required areas is simpler.

The air-drying, single-component formula is designed especially for use on automobiles and the time it takes to dry and set make it compatible for repairing medium areas.

Some typical physical properties of this product include:

  • 14.5 oz. aluminum tube
  • Base comprising talc, acrylic co-polymer, toluene, xylene
  • Density: 12.00 - 13.10 Lbs./Gal.
  • Viscosity: 147,000 - 296,200 Cps.

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